Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots o stuff

A hard week. 1st week of intervals this yr. It's getting warmer and warmer with each day. I felt pretty good doing the 2x20s. Didn't die, that is. Did something today that I haven't done in almost 2 yrs. Rode the Gitane fixie to work. How the f*ck do I manage to get ready at the same time as I drive and get to work and ready 5-10 minutes faster than I do if I drive???? Don't know, but I'm doing more of it and f&ck Judy Darr if she mentions anything about someone being "offended" by my cycling shit. Jeebus. I think I'll go out with the World Cup crew and ride early sat morning. Something else that I didn't do all of last yr.......

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