Saturday, October 4, 2008

The inevitable bites me in the ass.

Almost literally. I get to the race and even tho I didn't pre-reg I was able to get thru pretty quickly. The venue? Breast cancer awareness race in Hagerstown MD. I get my stuff out, get on the bike and dressed remarkably early (for me). No rushing around. Nice. Thor stops by and gives me some shit about primping but I let him know I'm about 5 minutes ahead of schedule. For me. Got good and warmed up and actually had time to pre-ride some of the course. Bumpy as shit, but fast and not too difficult. Sweet. I actually get a call up (ok, they went pretty deep), but a decent start position. The bell goes off and we fly down the gravel/paved start into the grass. I pass a few in the corners and short hills and also get passed. Didn't get to ride yesterday so the legs started screaming right before the barriers. I remounted and almost crushed both nuts; worst remount evar. I recover and get into a groove after a lap or so; I was able to fly down the paved /gravel section. I kept trading places with one of Thor's teammates and Nunzio and another rider. Then I dropped my chain. Got it back on and still felt strong. After 4ish laps or so I passed a few lapped riders. Kept gaining ground on the NVCC guy. Until I dropped my chain. Again. Still I felt pretty good and was going strong with 3 laps to go. I hit my remount after the barriers and the seat felt funny but I kept on going. I blasted thru the sand and hit a big pile of it and it threw me towards the tape. Stop and get my bars out of the tape and my m$therf#cking seat fell off; the saddle separated itself from the rails. Would've been REAL fun had it happened while I was on the bike. So. Since I didn't bring the spare bike, I was finished.
As it turns out, lots of people DNF'd, including Thor. Pinch flat. One of the many.
So, next race, it's the tried and true Selle Italia Pro Link. And my spare bike. The Pave saddle is going back to Fizik.


MK said...

ughh...nothing worse than mechanicals when you are feeling good! Better luck next time.

NVdK said...

The seat is going back to Fizik (my lbs is going to warranty it out even tho I bought it on e-bay) and the legs are feeling good. Looking forward to Sunday and the UCI race at Wissahickon; one of my faves.