Monday, November 3, 2008

Sometimes you're the windshield...

Sometimes you're the bug. Arrgghh. I got a good start to the day, got going at a good time, nice ride to the Rockburn race. Made the same wrong turn as I did last yr but it was no biggie; had to use "the facilities" anyway.
Get there, EARLY enough to see the C race go off and was able to give Mike G a shout out. Turns out he finished 13th-he's getting much better. Get warmed up and head down to the start. They changed a lot on this course from last yr. The prologue went rt instead of left and up a short climb. Since I pre-reged kind of late I had a sucky start position. As the whistle blew, I went out. Passed quite a few on the climb and was holding my own thru thew twisties. Saw Thor bite it and get back on. Followed him for a while. The sand pit, tho rideable this yr, was best off run; I would make gains in it and at the barriers. I just didn't have any real power in my legs tho to hammer on the flats and descents; guess maybe it was not riding for 2 days prior and me getting a cold or something? Who knows. Nunzio passed me then I kept him in my sites. There were about 4 of us in close distance. Weren't passing alot but we weren't getting passed, either. I passed him with about 1/2 lap to go as well as another guy. Thought I had them but they got me again in the more technical sections. Something, I hope, I'll get better with in time. Figured I get them in the open areas. No. Legs just weren't there.
As a positive sign, I'm actually passing guys on the climbs now instad of getting passed, even when my legs don't feel great. I wound up 42nd out of 69. About what I expected. Just didn't have it that day.
Now it's 2 weeneds off. Time to go out hard for 2 of them and finish strong with the 2 2 race weekends coming up.

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