Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The cross yr in review

What did I do? Am I happy? I suppose.
Good things;
1) didn't get lapped. At all. Not close.
2) actually lapped people in some races. WTF??
3) finished top 50% several times-that was a goal
4) top 25% 1x. That was a surprise!
5) trained better
6) gauged my effort better.
Things to improve on (besides what I mentioned in the previous post)
1) maybe train not as hard once the season starts. There were times my legs just felt tired.
2) go harder at the start.
3) maybe lose a couple more lbs.
Goals for next yr;
1) top 50% unless I DNF...
2) some more top 25%? Possible? I hope.
3) beat Thor :-)
4) a real top 10 in some of the PA races?

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