Friday, August 28, 2009

Rain. Check. Pain. Check. Hurray for intervals!

I woke up to rain. Bleh. Got breakfast, fed the dogs and kitties, checked the web. Bam. No rain. Yay. Finished cleaning teh bathroom, suited up and went out to do some hill intervals, specifically Stetler road, then Steigerwalt hollow road, repeat. My legs were a bit tired; climbed like a rock. Oh well; it's the workout, not the speed that's important.
Next, on to Lower Allen park to do plyo. Hide away so no one can see me lest they think I'm crazier than they already do. Running the steps seems to be a good training excercise for cross; felt good. Easy pedaled home. Got a little wet. Burned like 1200 calories. This cross season I hope to NOT have tired legs before the season staRts. Looking promising so far.....

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