Sunday, October 18, 2009

A mudder?

I am not. I think my results can attest to this. 40 something today. I suppose it could have been worse, since I took the wrong exit of the turnpike (I've been to this race at least 4 times, I should know how to get there, right?). Got there with barely enough time to get dressed and out on the course for a brief warm up (5 ish minutes). The course was really muddy but rideable in most spots. I got a decent start but lost places when my legs just didn't respond to the effort, due, largely, to my lack of warm up.
1st time around the spiral of death and down I went. The Fangos were supposed to grip better than that, or so I thought.
I was able to get some real estate back on the grass and pavement but couldn't run the run up very well. I'd lose spots in the turns but gain on the straights.
All in all, it was hard but fun. I wound up going down like 3 times but didn't really care. Wissahickon has always been one of my favorites but this made it a whole lot different. At least I out sprinted a guy for a spot on the finish.
Next week. DCCX. Yay!
(It as nice to meet another HUPster from NH. Matt I believe was his name. Dan says he finished around 26th. Pretty good.)


cxstraggler said...

Hey Partner! glad to see you there. Yeah granogue made wissa look and feel easy! They changed Granogue and the 4 days of rain made it a hike-a-bike, so bad even the pros had to walk briskly/trot through many of the sections. Never did Wissa. but glad i did now, it was fun, but a long weekend with the cold and rain. sorr my group had to mess it up for a little. that back section of the arena , i thought was a mud bog feast moreso then expected. Yeah Michael whitfield was his name form NH and he got 26th out of 59 started, Dan "the man" Killingsworth got 37 out of the 59 and you my buddy were not far behind in 46. Kerry combs form Ma also got 3rd in her class if I saw right, so HuP was definitely representing this weekend. good job to you and the fellow hupsters. I finsihed better than though afterwards, but never as good as hoped to. I got 42 out of 86 starters. Il take it after two days of muck and mud. I think I came in @55 of of whatever(prob close to 100+) at granogue. I was very happy with that results, I spent more time cleaning my bike for sunday than riding/running/hiking with it on saturday. What a mess, but a blast. Keep up the good work. not doing DCCX this weekend, so my next racing weekend is prob going to Fairhill, md on saturday and then Tacchino in leesburg on Sunday, Nov 7 & 8th. hope to see you at one of those. Take it easy and way to HuP it up this weekend!

NVdK said...

I am doing DCCX. Frites and pancakes. What's not to love?! Plus I have done fairly well in that one, I hope to continue with that tradition. I'm not too upset with the 46th since I had absolutely no warm up.
I'll be doing Fairhill so I'll see you there. I doubt I can do Tacchino.