Sunday, December 27, 2009

A day on the road.

Had to see how warm my new C-dale winter gloves are. :-) I'm here to say that they are great; even better after they stretched out a bit. Beautiful day for a ride; my legs didn't know what to think; riding on a trainer just isn't the same. Almost went down twice; the old black ice was hiding in shaded corners and hills. As it was, I wound up with 27 miles and a good workout. And a dirty (er) bike.


cxstraggler said...

Way to get a great ride in on a nice day for once. Didnt last though, now back to 0 deg celcius and the wind is fabulous as well. Maybe il see you out there about and around again sometime. Keep on biking in the meantime, whether via trainer or out with us crazies on the cold road.

NVdK said...

I don't mind the cold too much. But I HATE the wind. I'll probably get out sometime this weekend.