Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yep kids. It's another cross race in Feb!

I've been pretty much keeping with the program this yr. Lifting more than last; running more, and quiete by accident, riding more. The weather hasn't been great but things are just kind of working out.
Anyway, about the race; SS "Superbowl" in College Pk MD, again. This yr I'm doing the SS race. Hey. It's a 2:20p start time! I'll be using my POS old Gitane that I train on for cross and use as a fixie. Just swapped out bars and the seat, put new brake cables and housing on her, and she's set to go. It's a training cross ride tomorrow so I'll see how she feels with the new seat and saddle.

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NVdK said...

Unfortunately, this race was cancelled. Oh well......