Monday, March 8, 2010

That was purely unintentional

I've gained weight this winter. Not unusual. More than last year. I'm officially now getting serious about it. But I have some conflicting info; my bf % is down, close to where it usually is during racing season. Could I have put on some muscle (we're not talking  a lot, 2-3 lbs over 3 months or so)? It seems that it might be so. I "feel" lean; my training rides thus far have felt good and I'm not struggling too much climbing, as I usually do at this point, even though I'm carrying 5-10 extra lbs. My plan is to start some intervals later this month and do some early season crits and a few this summer; more than last year.
 As they say, " in order to ride fast, you have to ride fast". Here's hoping!
Today it was 60F and I didn't ride. House work. that took an ENORMOUS amount of self-control. No worries; tomorrow promises to be nice, too.



cxstraggler said...

60's up there today, wow. I havent riden in over a month because moving down to NC and getting sick from GF being sick and stress and lack of sleep from last few weeks. It was 65 deg here today in Nc and got a 20 mile ride in today. Well it supposed to be 70 deg here tomorrow, so going out again for another. dont stress over the weight gain yet, but it sounds like your coming along decent. keep up the good work and lifting. Have fun up north! Loving it down here! Later man.

NVdK said...

Hey! I thought I saw you on Sunday. Guess I didn't. Get back out there and show those southern boys how to do it ;-)Where at in NC?