Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good bye silly little dog..

On Sunday, Sam and I were going to go to Lowes to get some more pavers and stone to finish under the deck. We hoped in the car, pulled out, and I felt a bump under the wheel. I glance out the side mirror and see Sasha, our youngest Shiba, flailing around and then falling to the ground. She had apparently been under the car and I ran over her. Frantic call to the vet and we get ready to take her there. She was laying on the back seat as I waited for the girls, and it was there that she left us. I still feel like shit. Sam and Sarah are taking it pretty hard; especially Sarah; she's so sensitive. It's a huge hole in our life cut out. I even think the cats miss her; Zoe isn't the same either. She was the eternal puppy; 5 yrs old and still goofy.
I suppose we'll look to get a rescue dog, preferably a Shiba, in a while. But for now it hurts too much.

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