Wednesday, July 30, 2008

1st weekend of racing this yr...

Grandview GP and Allntown Sportsfest. Grandview was a nice, shady course, and my legs felt like lead. I stayed with the pack for about 5 of the 10 laps, then fell off the back. No "go" in the legs. Maybe it was the fact that 1) my training ride on thurs was cut short by a snapped chain or 2) I had no training ride on fri. Or both. Whatever. 19th out of 22 starters. Yay me.
The sportsfest found me having better legs but this yr it seemed to be much faster than last yrs snail-like pace. I stayed with the pack the whole time but wound up 17th (missd 16th by a gnat's pube). Stoopid tactics. I kept gaining ground on the hill by the start/finish line, then fell back a bit on the flat. WTF was up with that? Loss of 10ish lbs, maybe? Who knows. All in all I'm OK with it; starting intervals again and I'll race again Aug 16th, hopefully a bit fitter and faster.

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