Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not sucking as much......

Alaric Gayfer crit in Trexlertown, PA. Cat 5 "move up race". Small field, about 15 starters. This course is a 1 mile track that winds thru the park. A steep little left-hander right past the start/finish down thru a series of S turns then a long left sweeper, twisting back and then up a slight grade to the start finish line. 15 laps, started REALLY slow, then some guys picked up the pace. I stayed around mid pack most of the race but EVERY TIME down thru the turns they'd slow. I KNEW that I was faster than anyone thru that series of turns. The usual attacks occured; I stayed put and in the pack. With about 5 to go I positioned myself towards the front. Right past the start/finish on the last lap I heard "on the left" and 2 guys were making an attack up the hill. I decided it was now or never. Caught them and went flying past them down thru the turns pulling ahead by about 10 legnths by the mid point in the left hand sweeper. Then the cavalry came charging and I gave all that I had left, winding up 10th, my best road finish so far.

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