Monday, February 2, 2009

All aboard the fail-boat!

Cross your heart cross race in Columbia MD. At an RV campground. Nice venue. In keeping with my resolution to get to races earlier, i arrived about 80 min before my start time. Reg went quick and I was unpacking my stuff when Thor literally rode into me, along with his son, Nicholas. It was good to see them. I get ready and I decide on less is more; it felt warm after riding in sub freezing temps for a month or so. Rode the trainer a while and then hit the course. Lots of ice, some mud, leaves, mulch, stones, pavement, steps, logs, you name it. About 35 or so racers lined up as a 1-4 race; the 1-3's went off 2 min prior to us. I got a pretty bad start and wound up stuck in the back at a bottleneck right after the start. Not good. We wound up having to ruin a good section of the 1st area up to the 1st run-up as it was just too slow to ride and too crowded. Got going and my rear tire felt really low. I kept going but as the lap progressed I realized I should swap out my wheel at the pit. I was riding along OK; had Thor about 5 riders ahead of me (he said that I should beat him. Ha!) Got to the pit and swapped out the wheel only to have the chain drop off my chainring. I was now nowhere in the race. I just went out and TT'd my way thru the race. The run-up killed me as did the steep climb to the finish line. I crashed 1x after that but was apparantly catching up to some people before that happened. I got lapped by most of the 1-3 raceers and by a few of the leaders (I think) of my race. I might hjave finishede DFL. Don't know. It doesn't matter. It was a cross race in Feb and sure was better than almost anything else I could have done on the bike.
Then I got to head home and watch the Steelers win #6. Yea, baby!

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