Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ed Sander cross. Masters 3/4

Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross-05505
 After chatting with c-lo (he parked right next to me), got warmed up on the trainer. Thor designed the course and told me it was the same, so I didn't pre-ride. Figured it would be fast, and it was. Lined up on the wrong side of mid-pack and just decided to peg it at the start to gain some places. I did just that and was in decent shape coming into the barriers, then headed into the ponds. No place to pass there so it was status-quo until the climb up to the back 9. It was there that I knew I had gone too hard at the start. Made it up and climbed the run-up where there was a cluster-f*ck of about 6 guys at the top. Ugghh. Finally remounted and took entirely the wrong line over to the steep run/ride-up; hit the tape and went down before it. More passed me. So much for my good start. Finally settled in and picked off a few; mostly on the descent and power sections.  I placed 68th out of 76 finishers, 97 startersand felt pretty good. Saw the carnage that c-lo stopped for; good on him and the others for helping him out. Thor kept giving me encouragement as I passed and it was good to see faces I hadn't seen since last yr. Beer and waffles on the back 9 made it a good day Photo by Joe Mallis.


ydt said...

Good to see you out at Lily Pons Mark. Remember us old farts are the heart and soul of cross racing.

NVdK said...

Good to see you too, Dave? :-)