Monday, September 13, 2010

Well. That time has finally arrived!

Nittany Lion Cross in Trexlertown, PA. 1st UCI race of the year. I get there on a beautiful, coolish late summer morning. Registration goes quite easily (as compared to last year) and I get suited up in time to get a quick lap in. the course was pretty much the same as last year except they took away one trip through the roots and made a power section before it. I get a decent warm-up in and head off to the start. last freaking row. Ugghh. Dan managed to get a front row start; he must "know people" :-)
The light goes green (just like World's) and we head off. I tried to gain as much ground as I could but it was just too tight. I settled in and pretty much held my ground; I'd pass some guys and some would pass me. My Fangos were hooking up nice and were great over the root section. With about 2 laps or so to go I see Dan in front of me. I put the hammer down and keep gaining ground on him. With less than 1 lap to go I'm closing in when i hear "on your right" from one of the 55+ guys. Normally I let guys through but this was in the middle of some turns and I learned not to change my line in these cases. No matter, he passes and cuts in front of me, taking out my front wheel and sending me to the ground. I lose surprisingly little time but by then I was running out of real estate. I couldn't catch him.  wound up 65th out of 79; felt better than last year, finished better, and all in all had a better race. Maybe if i actually get a decent start I'll get decent results. I met Ian during my cool-down. he got 35th, I think. Decent results for HUP. Next up, Charm City.

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