Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random post season musings...

   Started my weight training. Ugghh. This also includes running. Double uugghh. Also pilates. This I like. I should probably do it all year as we cyclists tend to have weak-assed core strength. Should I do the race in Jan? I dunno. Snow would be cool. Haven't been on the real bike since the season ended, but have been on the trainer. Maybe I'll get out this week. And........
   I think I may have to change my attitude and create a new blog. Maybe a "new year's resolution" blog. I have decided, I think, at least for now, that I don't suck. So. I need a new blog name. Suggestions welcome. Of course, if you are convinced I still suck, well, that's OK too.
   Thinking of maybe heading up to NE and doing a race weekend next year. I'll have to see how my schedule pans out and what Sarah's soccer schedule is like (for those of you who don't know, she's my youngest daughter). Of course, she should be driving by then, so that will help out. A lot. But I still like to watch her games.Also, should I plunk down big $$ to get some file treads (Clement) put on FMB casings? I haven't spent much equipment-wise this past year, so WFT not? It wold be sweet if Clement decides to make a tubie version; that would make like MUCH easier.
   Still at 175lbs. If I can keep the weight to below, say 180 this winter, I will be real happy. Ok. That's about it for now.


Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

1. keep weight under 175- me too
2. new england- do it, it's awesome
3. you never sucked.

thanks for blogging


NVdK said...

Well. Maybe I didn't, but it made for a catchy blog name, no? See you out there (and maybe you won't lap me :-) )