Saturday, May 10, 2008

1st WC ride in over a yr

Turns out it was a Scotty Schlagel Perry Co death ride. 60 miles, 4x over Sterret's gap, 17+ avg. Sheet. On several positive notes;
1) we didn't get wet
2) I wasn't last back
3) I didn't climb too badly (for me).
I haven't started my hill repeats yet, so I SHOULD get stronger. In theory at least. It is good to go out on those rides as it gets you up to near race pace so it's not such a shock 1st time out. But it IS 7am on a sat am. If I do it 1x month or so, it'll help. Perry Co is really beautiful to ride in. As long as you avoid Leroy and his 1/2 ton pickem up truck.

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