Thursday, May 1, 2008


It's been a while. Legs are feeling great. I killed them the previous 2 weeks doing 2x20's with a fixed gear ride inbetween.I THINK the mini-blocks are working. We'll see. Got to do lots of yard work recently. Putting compost in the garden. Mulch. Cutting the grass. Theraputic, atmo. Easy week this week so it's been good. Putting the Force gruppo on the KG. Get the finishing touches tomorrow at World Cup. Taking a bunch o stuff there for the swap meet. If it doesn't sell, there's always e-bay.
Sarah has been playing really good as of late in soccer. ALMOST had a goal y-day against Chambersburg. Chipped it up and almost over the goalie's arms. Just got a piece of it. Can't say I've seen any girls her age try that, much less pull it off. 'Twas a thing of beauty, fo sho. I sure hope she gets on Div 1 this yr-she deserves it and I can't stand the parents of the d2 team. Won't have to deal with those red-necks no matter what happens, fortunately.

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