Sunday, May 31, 2009


My 1st Masters crit. At the Rodale fitness park. Every one is absolutely right; these guys are FAST. I got kicked out the back about 2 laps in and at that pace I could never catch back up. Got pulled after 5 ish laps. DFL.
Note to self. Try as hard as you possibly can to stay in the pack.
On a positive note, the tubies ride and spin great.


cxstraggler said...

Hey way to hang in there despite the trickle out the back. good job, look at it this way, can only go up from there! :) Glad your bike and all components worked well. Chaulk one up for experience!

Anonymous said...

The men's Master's are a beeytzch.

Iirc, they almost always go full tilt out of the gait, then settle down.

It's really quite a shock to your body if you haven't done it before. Next one will be a whole 'nuther ballgame. Really.

NVdK said...

Thanks for the kind words. I improved a bit in the next crit. I did the Cargas crit in Lancaster. It isn't exactly suited to me (significant climb takes up about a 3rd of the course). Still got pulled but hung on for 1/2 the race. Breaking into racing after your 45th b-day is not so easy, esp road racing. Ugghhh. (I've been at this for 3 yrs-this is my 3rd)

Anonymous said...

Criterium racing isn't for everyone.

Most of the Masters you will race with have been doing this for a while and are smart and fast.

Good on ya' for trying though. Try not to hurt yourself...or anyone else.