Sunday, July 5, 2009

Damned (fat) softball players

Since my encounter with CXstraggler on the road the other day, I've had the jones to get out on the cross bike. Yesterday I got the Gitane swapped around to it's SS cross configuration, now with Tufo tubie clinchers. yea, they suck, but they're the fattest best tread I can get on that thing. And they were cheap. I headed over to Lower Allen park to hit the old trails. Well, things have changed. They put in new soccer fields (ggod for the community-not for me) and a paved path. Since the fields were newly seeded I didn' want to be a dick and ride across them, so I used the paved path. that was OK. However, they're having a softfrigginball tournament there so my ritaul of using the row of trees as a slalom course was out. Bah. Oh well, still got to do a few dismounts/remounts and get a little mud on me and the bike.
Softball. A game where fat chicks and doods can play and drink bad beer later. (As opposed to cross, where fit chicks and doods can race till you puke, and then drink GOOD beer later.)


cxstraggler said...

Understand and agree with the comparison/differences between cross and say,.... softball. I was glad to see a compadre out on the road. Man you are looking fit, can definitely see you are ready to represent HUp when the time comes. Yeah i wish they still had the race in lower allen, that was nice the one time i got to go there(thats when i first chatted with you, when you were riding for World Cup). That was also the race that my friend and i were standing around and this little shorter then me rider and his female companion came up and asked where registration was. dude was about 5'6" or so and thin build with thinning hairline up top. well gave him directions and he parted saying 'thanks" and "no problem" on my end. Here another rider i knew from my MTB days came up and asked me if i knew who it was, i said no probably some elite(cat 1) rider. I was then informed it was Chris horner, which was pretty cool in itself. Well anyway, they need to get some more local races and keep up the strong training and riding. Iam sure I will see you out and about again. till we cross paths again. Take it easy, train hard, and keep the rubber down.
P.S. You got a great deal on that sweet road ride of yours.

NVdK said...

Yea, I miss that race, although the 2 times I did it I sucked up the place. See you out there. (Great weather we've been having, no?!)