Sunday, July 19, 2009

Well. A break thru of sorts.

Allentown Irving Park Sportsfest. I've done this race 2 x before, as a cat 5. Manned up and did the Masters. Started slow, then about 2 laps in the hammer went down. I was determined to stay in the pack. A few laps later it slowed a bit. This went on for all of the 25 laps. Near the beginning of the race my legs started to scream but I rode thru it. Eventually they felt pretty good. Patrick whats-his-face the track rider rode off the front (as per usual). They stopped calling out the gap at about 50 seconds. But anywho....
I rode strong, pulled the pack at times, jumped on a few breaks, and had a damn good time. I should've jumped coming up the hill after the start/finish line on the last lap but, well, next time (I was climbing as well as anyone and better than most). Wound up 20th out of 24, which ain't great, but i finished pretty strong. And to my anonymous poster; I caused no wrecks; if there's 1 thing I can do is hold a line. Cross tends to help with that.
As and aside, I saw Keith fron HUP in his stylin Blanco kit; I may get me one of those next yr.
Also saw Nick, the guy I sold my K's to. All in all a pretty good day. I'm off now to eat lots of food and drink beer.......

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